SAircraft i would like to see from Corgi.


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I would very much still like to see a Meteor T7 trainer and another two bladed Hurricane in 111SQN colours.Also a Fairey Battle would be a good addition i think.


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Corgi could make a silver RCAF Meteor T7 (based at RAF Odiham in the U.K.) at the same time as a RAF version.





From Legion magazine website:

The story of the RCAF’s association with the Vampire would be incomplete without reference to 421 Squadron’s unique experiences. Equipped with Vampire IIIs in September 1949, the unit was selected for a rotational tour in Britain. Personnel were flown to the U.K. in January 1951 and took up residence at Station Odiham. There they were issued 16 Vampire Vs and two, two-seater Meteor VIIs from RAF stocks. They were to train with two RAF squadrons, learning current operational techniques.


Thank you Corgi for releasing a RCAF Halifax. Out of a total of 37,000 operational missions flown in Halifax aircraft in the Second World War - 29,000 were flown by Canadian crews.


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Having just watched the film The First of the Few about R.J. Mitchell and the Spitfire, how about a Supermarine S6B Schnieder Trophy winning seaplane?

Simon a. Stevenson

-For sure: FW 190 D-9 to13 "Dora" and Ta-152 H. 

-Would Love to, but survive if not:

  1. -Reggiane Re.2005
  2. -Macchi C.205
  3. -Fiat G.55
  4. He 177 Greif

I would like to see a model of the Avro Shackleton in its maritime role, not AEW.  It was the last of the great Avro designs based on the Lancaster and was a major contributor to the Cold War.  Another overlooked aircraft would be the Vickers Varsity used to train most multi engined crew up the the early 1970s.  Finally, I would like to see a model of the Fairchild Cornell my father trained on in Canada.  All these aircraft would provide numerous options for colour schemes and squadrons.

Maritime Bill

I would like Corgi to develop the airliner range to include more contemporary aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing maybe up to 747. Possibly even a range of light private jets [Lear, Hawker etc].

Any chances?

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