SCorgi Jan - June 2018 Range Launch!


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It's that time again! All is revealed as we show you what we have planned for the first six months of the year with the Corgi January - June Range Launch!


Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Aviation Archive range, and the RAF Centenary, this year is certain to be an impressive one for aircraft collectors.


However, as always, there's something for everyone as Corgi continues to develop its other ranges.


Be sure to let us know what you're looking forward to!


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Looking forward to all the Luftwaffe models,Dams Lanc (please make sure it has the correct fins Smile),the Chinook,Mosquito and the Eurofighter as I believe it is the first T.3 variant you have modelled.


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Just to let you guys at Corgi know that the description for the new Tornado is actually that for the Op Ellamy one.


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What tripe, develop its other ranges, where is the new stuff for Vanguards - You lot at Hornby Towers have NO IDEA, the same old rubbish year after year, the only saving grace is a Rover, but then where was the Rover from last year, and the other models from last year, it is no wonder you have been lsoing sales hand over fist, if you treat the customers like idiots, then they will not buy the same old same old models, ooooo look more Escorts, More VW's.....

PR Enis

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Very average line-up, could be so much more interesting..... 

well corgi have scraped the barrel with the vanguards rang. nothing new just rubbish. well thats it for me wont be bothering with vanguards again.

 Nice to see a Mk2 Granada in a new police livery and the Bug in as an RMP vehicle, the Landcrab and Mossie looks interesting too.


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Absolutely dreadful selection for the Vanguards range:-

Triumph Herald - not a popular model that will have collectors begging for

VW Beetle - Your released 2 in 2017 and they have been a sales flop, nobody wantsthem so why bring out another?????

Ford Zephyr - uninspiring!

Vauxhall Cresta - not a popular model that will have collectors begging for

Morris 1800 - again not a popular but admitably looks good in rally quise

Rover SD1 - nice model good choice!

Ford Escort - gee's how many different colours of the Mexico are you going to release??

Triumph Stag - welcome addition but technically not a new release as should have come out in 2017

Ford Granada - already have 2 police liveries in the range and not as popular as the road cars, interesting but not a must have release

Ford Fiesta - nice looking model

Ford Escort - not much imagination here, simply dig out the harrier decals from the parts bin and stick them on a silver version

So 'at least' another six month wait for a new casting, poor show Corgi / Hornby or whoever you are, was really expecting more after the poor showing for the 2017 range but at least you are being consistent!

Admittedly, you did well out of me in 2017

Admittedly, you did well out of me in 2017, with me buying the Sierra RS500, XR4 and RAC Land Rover, and I have the P6 on order, quite why it's on order and not delivered is beyond me seeing as we're now in 2018. I'm also disappointed to see another catalogue with all the releases scheduled for the end of the period. 

This year, well I'll have the SD1, but that's all, and hell will freeze over before I pay £28 for it. I'm extremely disappointed that it'll now be 18 months with no new tooling, even just 1 new casting a year would be greatly appreciated, though if we could have something that isn't super sporty next time, that would be great. Making the SD1 a 2000 or the P6 a 2200 would be cool too (If you did a 2200 SC then the interior would be nearly correct on the P6 too, that series 1 2000 interior has been wrong on every single V8 you've made)

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