STyphoons and Tempest


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Morning gents and any gentesses

I know the typhoon was active WWII but ws the tempest? and have corgi done a model of both??

PR Enis

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 Hello Ian

The Tempest entered service in 1944 I believe and was used in the attack and low-level interception role. Corgi have made the Typhoon but not a Tempest although a company called Skymax made a nice version a few years back. Not sure if they will offer any new releases so you may have to hunt these down but Oxford diecast also offer a Tempest, not as nice as Skymax but it captures the shape okay. Maybe Corgi can make the radial engined Tempest II one day

Tiggerty Boo

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 Hi Ian, Corgi do two versions of the Hawker Typhoon, with the later 'Bubble' canopy version being my favourite type, partly because I prefer the look of them and also because they usually come with some form of weaponry.  It has a fixed undercarriage, but Corgi Warbirds WB99628 is a good Typhoon to look out for, as it is usually a lot cheaper than the Aviation Archive ones.

I also love the Skymax Hawker Tempests and am glad I got the ones I wanted when I did, as their prices are beginning to increase as the ones available are becoming scarcer.

Much as I love the Corgi Typhoon, I'm hoping it is a candidate for a new mold or ideally, they stick with what they have for the Typhhon and funnel the money into a Tempest or Fury.  That said, Corgi have almost priced me out of their market with their recent price increases.


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@Tiggerty Boo


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