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Hi All,


New to this forum and writing because i've acquired an unusual item and not sure what it is or value.


The item is in a plain white box with Corgi Classics 1998 on the label and some other company info, but nothing about the item. The picture is above for viewing and wondered if anyone could let me know?


Many thanks




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Hi Steve 

The item is an Electrical Transformer it was also coloured grey ,in green you will find it issued with Corgi Classics  Pickford's set 16704.

David Lynn

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It's a Corgi Classics load used in the Heavy Haulage range late 1990s/early 2000s. These sets were usually a pair of tractor units (Scammell, Diamond T etc) with a heavy load trailer on which sat something very big and ... um ... heavy. Many different sets - permutations of tractor, contractor livery (Pickfords, Siddle etc), a wide range of different loads, and there were different UK and US ranges. You seem to have the Generator Transformer which came as a load with various sets, and I think may have been also briefly available from Corgi as a separate accessory.


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 Great, thank you for the replies, very helpful.


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 Great, thank you for the replies, very helpful.


This item was to replace the train on Corgi Model.   31007 Annis & Co Loader. You sent your cert back,, to get the replacemnt free of charge. The original model came with a badly made train. These items were issued in the box you stated, along with the cert from the model

John J Ford

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