SWhatever happened to the Corgi Trackside series ?

A few years ago, Corgi brought out a number of 1/76 Trackside vehicles, but they seem to have dried up in recent times.

Does anyone know why ?






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The Trackside range was one area where Corgi products overlapped with what Hornby was offering when they bought out Corgi, as Hornby had their Skaledale range of 1:76 / OO vehicles at the time. I understand that the Skaledale models were made for Hornby by Oxford Diecast, and many collectors believe the Oxford OO models to be better crafted than those in the Trackside range.


Perhaps this is why the Trackside range disappeared?

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Yes, very strange that with the Hornby train connection Corgi didn't improve their own range, particularly the wheel hubs rather than give business to 'opposition' (much closer now of course with the recent Oxford/Corgi tie-up) There are many popular truck cabs missing from recent releases, even from BT-Toys and Oxford (and EFE before that), famous 'British' marques such as Bedford, Commer, Dodge, Leyland, etc., so I hope that a 1/76 truck range would do well?

More to the point, whatever happened to corgi? As someone in his 50's I want to collect affordable vehicles that I remember from the roads of my youth.  I used to be an avid collector of Corgi's truck and coach range from the 60's to the present day, but in the last few years , Corgi have produced little for a coach collector and only the Volvo FH in the truck range. The new FH feels flimsy and light when compared to the older FH models they offered previously and costs more. Now only the models in the aircraft range seem to be added to so I continue to hold  on to my hard earned cash in the hope that they will produce something that I will want to buy from them in the not too distant future.

How about the levante operated by Edwards coaches in the livery of Bristol airport express/national express reg no fj60hxx https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8707/16826702457_a922b3cd05_o.jpg

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