Operation Granby

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990 met with almost universal international condemnation and a resolve to remove occupying forces at the earliest opportunity. With the failure to secure a diplomatic solution, an international coalition of nations began to build up military forces in the Gulf region in preparation for military action. Britain was to play a significant role in the coming conflict with RAF Tornado strike aircraft assigned to neutralise Iraqi airfields and British troops poised to be hurled against entrenched Iraqi Army positions – the stage was set for a huge military showdown.

Corgi has produced a range of models to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Operation Granby, the name given to British military operations during the 1991 Gulf War. With a large number of British aircraft deployed to the Gulf region during this conflict, Operation Granby resulted in aircraft receiving temporary desert camouflage schemes and some of the most interesting artwork seen since the Second World War. The Aviation Archive range faithfully recreates some of these extremely interesting aircraft for the die-cast collector.

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