Westland Sea King HC.4, ZA290/VC, No.846 Naval Air Squadron

Westland Sea King HC.4, ZA290/VC, No.846 Naval Air Squadron


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Westland Sea King HC.4, ZA290/VC, No.846 Naval Air Squadron

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Westland Sea King HC.4, ZA290/VC, No.846 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, Falklands Conflict, 1982

The Westland Sea King has to be regarded as one of the most significant aircraft to see service with the British armed forces since the end of the Second World War.  Proving to be more than an adequate replacement for the ageing Wessex, the Sea King was an exceptionally versatile workhorse, providing both the Royal Navy and the RAF with a helicopter that could adapt to any situation it was required to serve.  From the perspective of the general public, the Sea King became a symbol of safety and reassurance, as these airborne sentinels would always be present in our hour of greatest need – no Search and Rescue Sea King would ever fly over a UK beach without immediately receiving the adulation of the holidaymakers below.  As the Westland Sea King retires and slips into the aviation history books, it will leave a service legacy that is unlikely to be matched in the years to come.

The Royal Navy’s Sea King HC.4 ‘Junglies’ were specialist troop carrying helicopters and were synonymous with the Commandos of the Royal Marines and saw their combat introduction during the Falklands Conflict of 1982.  Amongst the many roles performed by these relatively new aircraft included numerous rescue and replenishment flights and acting as decoys against the feared Argentine Exocet missile attacks.  The threat posed by these devastating weapons resulted in a highly secret and extremely dangerous SAS plan to attack the Argentine airbase at Rio Grande and destroy the remaining Exocet missiles before they could be used.  In advance of this attack, a small force of SAS troops were carried on board Sea King HC.4 ZA290, to be dropped off as near to the airbase as possible, so they could set up an observation post and provide intelligence.  At the very extreme of the helicopters range, the crew of the Sea King knew this was a one way mission and after delivering their covert cargo, they were instructed to make their way to neutral Chile and destroy their aircraft. 

Always an extremely risky plan, with the potential to go disastrously wrong, the SAS team discovered that the airbase was well defended and the inability to secure vital intelligence information resulted in the raid being cancelled.  Sea King ZA290, which was the first ‘new build’ HC.4 to be delivered to the navy, made a heavy landing on a Chilean beach and was destroyed by its crew, who were later turned over to British officials.       

The Westland Wessex and Westland Sea King is a product of AgustaWestland Limited and all rights in it, including its name, are hereby reserved. 


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y Technical Specification & Detail

  • Detailed Crew Figure(s) Detailed Crew Figure(s)
  • Fixed Undercarriage Fixed Undercarriage
  • Photo-etched Aerial(s) Photo-etched Aerial(s)
  • Rotatable Propellers Rotatable Propellers
  • Sliding Door Sliding Door
  • Stationary Drooping Blades Stationary Drooping Blades
Scale 1:72
Limited Edition Yes
Limited Edition Size 1,200
Rotorspan 245mm
Age Suitability 14+

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A British Flying Heritage Must Have!

From it's license-built S-61 roots the Westland Sea King rose to prominence as an almost household helicopter name in Britain. Their long standing association with Air Sea Rescue work and the importance of the type to the flying career of HRH Prince William (Flt Lt Wales) greatly assisted in this achievement. Sadly the Westland Sea King was decommissioned in 2014 but it's legacy lives on especially through models such as those which are available from Corgi. This IMHO is a must have new release which is worth the price which I bought it for. Own a special part of Britain's flying heritage with this HC4 troop carrying variant especially given this aircraft's service during the 1982 Falklands Campaign.... Read more

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1/72 Seaking HC4 Falklands

I ordered this model as soon as I found out it was being issued to add to my Falklands Collection. The model depicts the machine which participated in a secret mission to land SAS troops to attack the Rio Grande airbase, which was subsequently aborted and the helo was destroyed by its crew after a heavy landing on a beach in Chile. My only criticism is that the overall paint colour is not Dark enough and does not accurately portray the helo as it appeared. Corgi seem to have problems with accurate colourings these days!!

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